Monday, 12 December 2016

The Falling Reign, Act II...

The Falling Reign - Act II

Photography: Constantin Stefanescu
Designer: Denis Predescu
Styling: Ralucut Coman
Art Director: Bianca Sutu
Make-up: Adriana Tudor
Hair-style: Cristina Gheara
Retouch: Loredana Dumitrache
Models: Georgiana Vlaicu, Cristina Novaci, Madalina Craiu, Ana Merliu, Bogdan Oxigeno, Anastacia Price


© Constantin Stefanescu, Bucharest 2016

The Falling Reign, Act I...

The Falling Reign - Act I

Photography: Constantin Stefanescu
Characters: Mariana Socolovschi, Denis Predescu
Costumes: Doina Levintza

"Fall with me, darling, amongst divinely poured ambitions nourishing this emotional steppe below, as we elegantly mourn, not a lacking world we live behind, but the bastards cowardly defining our downfall..."
"While hands warmed in remaining fire, farewell, deepest ocean once above, the shadowing trees and summerly breeze, such thrills and wanders all, the spring in your eyes and eager fall within, eternal winter and the space between…" 

© Constantin Stefanescu, Bucharest 2016