Thursday, 29 May 2014

Superstar revisited...

A new visual story arises, from an esoteric past, into a different interpretation.

Coming soon...


© Constantin Stefanescu

Monday, 12 May 2014

Visual poesy...

Time may eventually question even our declared purpose, as it slides in and out known reality, unaware of our hidden need of but an honest companion.

When everything shuffles so rapidly, from dawning hopes - past each exhausting daily strain, leaving but crippling wounds upon automated corpses ephemerally seeking but a meaning for their constant inertness, as the sky pours its despair throughout bleeding hearts - till crepuscular acknowledgment of suddenly shattered dreams, it only takes a heartache to notice that even the apparent implacable stillness spins grimly, all-around demotic thin, against our burning need for celestial healing.

The petrified surroundings, beautifying our only hope for brighter future, provide clear answers for all those inner prayers, secretly kept deep within scanty emotions so we won't allow the pervasive shallowness to mend our beliefs according to what is commonly glorified as social mores, if you carefully listen to gusted voices as the airstream, scrutinizing such deserted shore of dumped illusions, carries across all cardinal points, without any humanly comprehended rules, the idealistic exaltation of past generations, as they were loudly stated just moments before arrogantly slayed with necessary ignorance.

As passionate enthusiasts continuously argue the certainty of their freedom, with the sea breeze aurifying their sorrowful tears into endlessly glowing placid sand, the ravaging retaliation of justly doomed ignorance turns into merely a noisy engine of a disregarding spinning world. Our mourning, not for what we leave behind but for the hopelessness in which we exist, scattered across all high mountains or rushing rivers, flourished meadows or monumental oceans, will be our statement to each descendant.

Time, with its perpetual canonical presence, passes not to defeat us but to steadily nourish our courageous yearning for absoluteness and all its idyllic rewards.

Visual poesy #1
Visual poesy #2
Visual poesy #3
Visual poesy #4
Visual poesy #5
Visual poesy #6

Photos - Constanta, 2013
Story - Bucharest, 2014

© Constantin Stefanescu

Monday, 5 May 2014

Goodbye Joy...

Joy Magazine - Romania ended its activity. 

But not before offering me the opportunity, and the utmost pleasure, of doing 5 fashion editorials with an admirable team.

Editorials for Joy Magazine

With many warm thanks to all those I've met along such enchanting adventure...

Constantin Stefanescu

Denim fever II...

Denim fever - 2nd Part for Joy Magazine / on-line

Photos: Constantin S.
Producer / Styling: Silvia Cimpeanu
Make-up: Diana IonescuMaria Dragason
Hair: Valentin Hutanu, Gabriel Dragan / Keune
Models: Andreea Coff, Catalina Cerbeanu / AvenueModels
Assistant Styling: Sandra Negrea
Assistant Photo: Florina Dumitrache
Venue: SkyBar


Denim Fever - 2nd Part, Bucharest 2014

© Constantin Stefanescu