Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Tales under a blue sky...

We live among ourselves.

Nothing but wandering souls continuously searching for our freedom in a hampered empty space, which we foolishly consider to be our home, with the everlasting sky above as only witness of our quandary reality.

But this is my adventure. A journey that begins with my inner belief that each person has a story to tell, and each story will surely change the life of another. And so, each being I’ll met along the way will state its story, through time and my own interpretation, as a way of depicting the universal portrait of ourselves. A portrait enhancing all of our feelings, our hopes and disillusions, our ideas or the lack of them, our saddest or happiest memories.

And I’ll stare at this portrait, from the edge of certainty and the limits of my evanescent existence, looking for an answer to my own philosophical conundrum. The factual truth will eventually rise from this adventure, high above any telluric concern, to clear the way towards a fated empyreal closure while exposing the secret we’ve all desperately searched for….

We live eternally within ourselves.

© Constantin Stefanescu

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