Thursday, 6 June 2013

while silently mellowing the leopards...

Chapter II

So, as they soon waved me back to my lagging visual conception, dismantling my new acquired confidence only to recall their absolute teachings as part of my own creative unfoldment, I fell back to a crummy reality.

And while stranded onto this random point along an imaginary shoreline, with an ubiquitous feeling of this ephemeral liaison, kept firmly in the palms of my hands, and the wind softly whispering the fragrance of their appeal across the iron sky above, I felt the recurrent breeze of their canted saying, so difficult to espy – much like the very first thought of a fuzzy early morning, realizing that I have been merely introduced to a completely new language whilst allowed to capture fragments of their inner glow.

Such transient episode was not to remain unparalleled, I was self-assured.

Once the opportunity looms, with the stars fading from within, all aligned, towards an impassible horizon giving room to a rising frozen sun, whose destiny is to illuminate the unbending sky in to a deep blue aesthetes, one should haste to seize, as tangible outcome of any doozy experience, the occurrence in front of eager sight. And so I did, in search of an analeptic interplay with their shimmering presence.

But soon after their gentle laugh dimmed once more, along with the rest of the damned frigid season, the pervasive whipping wind remained just for a while, only to thieve from the nested palms of my own ego any evidence of what I have been vividly experienced. Despite my futile disapproving gestures, confined in a senseless battle against the vicious moving air, I felt subdued to witness my burdened secret being taken across the infinite sky for everyone to consider.

As previously, the radiant result of our rather short encounter failed to satisfy my unsettling appetite for everlasting resplendence, consequently providing the certainty of yet another forthcoming adventure.

characters: Alina Tanasa & Diana Enciu / fabulous muses
photos: Constantin


Alina Tanasa and Diana Enciu for FabulousMuses, Bucharest 2013

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