Wednesday, 3 October 2012

while silently mellowing the leopards…

Chapter I

I remember I stood there for a while, facing the bright window up ahead in front of their fabulous dungeon, benighted by a raging undertow below, patiently waiting to be lured into a world I’ve only heard of before.

Fabulousness was yet to be discovered.

In just an instant, all domineering sensations, once steering me through a self-secluded obsolete universe, were easily dissipated in the early autumnal thin air as they whispered me in, inviting me to capture the flawing color of my own vision, as a testimony of such a pleasant season.
And so, daringly gliding into a freshly unfolded vivid environment, a medium I once perceived as an ominous abyss arguing my own whimsical decency, any ever reasoned anathema, towards the use and purpose of colors, slipped through my frigid fingers, way down below, as they silently mellowed me into nothing but an abecedarian colorist, carefully displaying an implied message of brilliance.

Soon, the perpetuity of my own faith portrayed across the painted sky, as they gently wrapped their arms around my name, lead to an improbable conclusion for this fair weather scenery, that not only the deities above made it safely to eternal grace…

characters: Alina Tanasa and Diana Enciu / fabulous muses
photos: Constantin








Alina Tanasa and Diana Enciu for FabulousMuses, Bucharest 2012