Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Whilst surfing on lovely waves of summery colors, let’s dive into sweetest daydreaming with the undertow as our only guide…

Jesus Of The Moon by Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds from Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! 2008
Find the river by REM from Automatic For The People, 1992
Camille by George Delerue from Le Mépris ost, 1963
Thirteen Thirty-Five by Dillon from This Silence Kills, 2011
Liner by Justin Vernon from Hazeltons, 2006
Out Of Time by Blur from Think Tank, 2003
Wake Up by Mad Season from Above, 1995
Night by Sean Rowe from Magic, 2009
Sheba by Johnny and the Hurricanes from The Big Sound Of, 1960
Prospectors Arrive by Jonny Greenwood from There Will Be Blood ost, 2007

All is yet to come when you follow a redolently dream…

summery dream, Tulcea 2012

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Art+Commerce / Vogue

A short version of my portfolio is now represented worldwide by Art+ agency NY.

Finding beauty, Bucharest 2010

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Monday, 4 June 2012

Nathan and a maverick interpretation...

Those were such jumbled days, when Nathan arrived all the way from NY, and destiny chosen for him a rather torn persona, shifting between certainty and a qualmish inner state, to interact with, just to satisfy our needs of fresh, intriguing material.

But this mission turned into the most appropriate one as it miraculously gathered all my thoughts together, indicating the path to follow towards that fuzzed goal – the image itself. And, maybe for of my recent indecision, I visualized him differently, stripped of a usual posing attitude as a way of contrasting the ordinary fashionable idiosyncrasy. While confidently leaving aside the usual digital approach, this new found visual sense allowed us to explore a confined raw strength, astonishingly disclosing, in an artificially created slender space, a lyrical anachronism for those expecting nothing more than a comfortable common result.

This was but a personal survey of a limned amorphous shape, merely an attempt to redraw its contour, to visually transliterate an inner state and not a way of defying expectations, for in life you are occasionally presented with such opportunity of being ethically ingenious by detachedly presenting your own interpretation on a subject. I embraced such circumstance, with my essence jovially bouncing inside a lethargic body, allowing my subconscious to float towards an artistic truth.

And with the very first step of this plausible journey, the copious clouds above fainted in a gradual manner, and while every dark, afeard thought fell onto an eager redemptional ground, still images valiantly rose to be silently admired by those loudly stating their contempt.

model: Nathan Vollbrecht
agency: IndependentMen
styling: Nicole 
photography: Constantin

Nathan #1

Nathan #2

Nathan #3

Nathan #4

Nathan #5

Nathan #6

Nathan Vollbrecht for IndependentMen, Milan 2012