Friday, 30 March 2012

recalling Jordan...

And while the sun gleefully illuminates the atmosphere, dissipating the springlike confusion into nourishing shreds gently absorbed by an eager dusty ground, my thoughts giddily run back to a session that took place somewhere in the stymied past.

As rolling pastures unfold before our eyes at dawn, when the morose night vanishes, these images, once stashed away as a pile of bugaboos, find their way to prominence while I sum up the recalled info on probably the calmest session so far. It happened on that kind of a day when the constant graceful rain becomes your only friend, converting it in a self-sufficient event, since the designated stylist chickened out one day before - last time I try to organize anything with a stylist of Marangoni, that’s a promise!

But the grim spell was to be soon cast away as we lively surfed on uttered reflections which ultimately allowed us to explore cultural differences between Europe and US. Ambling on a flashover, through depicted topics, from the wide open spaces of Montana to the mioritic landscape, we soon found ourselves sliding down into reality in search of an outcome of our encounter.

The photographs, as a result, where archived in our collective memory as recognition of the fact that under a dimmed aloof sun, remote entities still find a way to casually interact, learning from each other, evolving, discovering and understanding whatever surrounds them, regardless of any drawback which may occur.

After all of this…who would have thought I’d end up seeing “A river runs through it”…

model: Jordan King
agency: IndependentMen
photographer: Constantin

Jordan #1

Jordan #2

Jordan #3

Jordan #4

Jordan #5

Jordan King for IndependentMen, Milano 2012

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