Wednesday, 28 March 2012


With the spring ahead and the sun above, everything turned out to be out there, in the distance, waiting to be reached…

1. Staircase by Radiohead from The Daily Mail/Staircase, 2011
2. Crystalline by Bjork from Biophilia, 2011
3. I And I by Bob Dylan from Infidels, 1983
4. Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam from Lost Dogs, 2003
5. I Think I Smell A Rat by The White Stripes from White Blood Cells, 2001
6. Dancing Nancies by Dave Matthews Band from Under The Table And Dreaming, 1994
7. Mission Improbable by The Herbaliser from Very Mercenary, 1999
8. Nice Double Em by Brother Ali from Rites Of Passage, 2000
9. Us And Them by Pink Floyd from Dark Side Of The Moon, 1973
10. How Low by Jose Gonzalez from In Our Nature, 2007

From here to the blurred future lost in hazing distance, where the sky meets the earth, this could be such a journey…

Sagacious hills, Tulcea 2006

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