Sunday, 6 November 2011

Steve taking over Milan...

Much like I did few years back, he arrived here with his heart filled with dreams and a buoyant desire to succeed.

As Nicole so eloquently put it, this session was about “the face” - the new face in Milan. So…we plunged into an inspirational utopia, with no heteroclite intentions, scraping for improvement only. Such endeavor was not neglected by deities governing our séance, through dimmed autumn light, and images instantly rose as an exoteric result, adding an ineluctable significance to our showdown.

Few hours later, when all was over, thoughts gathered all together, like falling leafs into a dampish corner on a windy day, pushed by an emotional stream to be analyzed in search of a conclusion, for these photographs are of no trivial effect.

But perhaps, this time, a narrative composition turns worthless for this session, by its own volition, depicted the main personage in such a conspicuous manner, making us but nystagmic spectators as Steve is taking over Milan…

model: Steve Van Ravesteijn
agency: IndependentMen
stylist: Nicole Krunić
photographer: Constantin

steve #1

steve #2

steve #3

steve #4

steve #5

steve #6

Steve Van Ravesteijn for IndependentMen, Milan 2011

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