Thursday, 27 October 2011


As autumn falls with such delight, I can only contemplate the future while reconstructing the past, from pieces flying through thin air, foretelling both merriment and despair…

1. Oh No by Andrew Bird from Noble Beast 2009
2. Guaranteed by Eddie Vedder from Into The Wild 2007
3. The Afterlife by Paul Simon from So Beautiful Or So What 2011
4. The Spirit Was Gone by Antony And The Johnsons from Swanlights 2010
5. Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us by Fink from Perfect Darkness 2011
6. Some Are by David Bowie from Low 1977
7. Some Devil by Dave Matthews from Some Devil 2003
8. Baby’s Arms by Kurt Vile from Smoke Ring For My Halo 2011
9. Motorcade by Beck from The Information 2006
10. Separator (Anstam RMX) by Radiohead from TKOL RMX7 2011

And how lovely everything sounds…

untitled/unseen landscape, Puiesti de Sus 2011

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