Tuesday, 6 September 2011


It seems holiday ended with a smile, leaving nothing behind but traces of an enthralling sunshine, confined in few images - images archived in a secret drawer away from curious intruders, as autumn swaggeringly approaches.

Between every summery experience - which left me even more astonished as it occurred, for memories of what I once knew, engaged in a buoyant dispute with newer information, every sense eagerly received from an bursting outside, to lie unexplored boundaries on the horizon - sprawled an endless road that is to be used as a giant leap from one custom to another. 

From busiest cities glorified by their hip activities only, constantly searching to obscure the feeblest confines with their current trend, to idlest landscapes that obstinately refused to evolve in time for is the only way to still revere a seductive sun falling into gloaming, the only things that made sense were the moderate waves, that actually defined the summer with their calming effect and the occasional authority presence that will surely ruin your meditative daydreaming with no remorse.

And it took a lot of patience, along with some 4 – 5 hours by boat, to elegantly remove any resemblance of the real world by immersing deep into remote wilderness in search of challenging peculiar occurrence. This had to be what I needed even for such a short period of time…

A haunting place like such, defined by its intimidating agedness and proportions that barely evolved during our lifetime despite its constant growing, will inevitably mesmerize any daring traveler with dissimilar august sceneries, thrived around every gently bended direction, which will simultaneously form an only path to follow towards perpetual gratitude and admiration.

Truly…a place to be and not to photograph.








It seems this vernal effusion ineluctably refreshed an immemorial event…and it had something to do with a story from the 5th‘s grade literature manual, depicting the hidden paradise of this unique region - Letea forest, for which I got a wry “insufficient” back then… A (now) funny and haunting experience!

P.S. did this adventure provide a conclusion? Yeah…never leave home for a nature exploration with nothing but a 50mm lens…

Cornucopia, The Danube Delta 2011 

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