Monday, 4 July 2011

Just in a mood for sunny colors…

Yet another session…

This time the “one hell of a studio” moved outdoors, not just to enjoy the shiniest day till now, but to meet polish Justyna also.  

Letting her dive into the colors was somehow new to me, sort of a change from the usual black and white approach, but it felt reasonable with the guiding sun above. Walking on raw ground instead of unfolded studio background, we waited for the inspiration to kick in and I, for one, had just one idea rambling in my head - to use natural surroundings as background for what I was doing in the studio anyway…

And we waited… and waited… and soon, without even noticing, we started move around in search of the ideal atmosphere, from the greenest leafs or sunny yellow to fiercely shaped concrete walls…

Perhaps it would have been a good idea to actually stay put. Who knows? But the images soon accrued and so we moved towards new scenery…

model: Justyna Waluchowska
agency: IceModels
stylist/make-up: Nicole Krunić
photographer: who else?




Justyna Waluchowska for IceModels, Milan 2011

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