Sunday, 24 July 2011

how to clear a heavy sky...

When all you got is your youth, submersed in an ever-more graceless daily routine, you can only live your daring dreams to rise from a prosaic existence and touch the charming sky above.

And this was one of those days when it seems any reason to deny such beauty even exists is unavailing. Yet, instead of a rush for arguments, I stood still, allure-absorbed as they passed my viewfinder, and allow them teach me how to fight an intrusive majestic firmament, which perhaps we all feel burdening on feeble shoulders.

As time elapsed, from our first handshake till we agreed to defy a crepuscular sky which stubbornly demanded its rights, emotional comfort took its place into this experience, while all influenced by a disarming display of youth, beauty and freedom as only weapons against all deleterious feelings. The captured images were our closed fist courageously raised toward the clouds, to erase that stygian hue in a raging manner… 

The heavy sky soon bursts as such eloquence is impossible to deny; its ensued weeping was nothing but a frailty utterance that beauty not only surrounds us but it conquers all.

What an empyrean conclusion for such a coercive day…

models: Greta Raudonyte / IceModels agency
                    Braeden Wright / IndependentMen agency
stylists: Martina Ciceri for her
                    Federico Allavelli for him
make-up: Camilla Paolino 
photographer: Constantin

how to clear a heavy sky #1

how to clear a heavy sky #2

how to clear a heavy sky #3

how to clear a heavy sky #4

Greta Raudonyte & Braeden Tyler Wright, Milan 2011

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