Sunday, 3 April 2011

intimate flinders of Andreea...

It was spring I guess. Or at least she brought it by allowing me to approach her in such manner.

And while few words were spoken I was, by taking advantage of one of those moments in which the camera breaks any boundary granting your senses to take control of how will you capture what is in front of your eyes, aiming to seize, in few images, this interstellar happening of which I was previously unaware.

As any burst does, this one lasted fractions as well (a medium of 0.40 sec / shot) but with long lasting repercussions – the photographs, as evidence that at times, clashes between dissimilar stars can give birth to captivating images, shaped by lights, shadows and uncertain rapidly fading colors, meant to enlight  such an unstable season as spring can be.

Now, I wonder why is it that such bursts, that will definitely clear the sky above giving room to a gigantic mesmerizing sun, can’t occur more often so one could experience the excitement of spring arrival more than once a year. Or perhaps they do, but are well kept aside, like some ancient secret, for those able to unlock the key to such blissfulness…

andreea #1

andreea #2

andreea #3

andreea #4

andreea #5

Andreea, Milan 2010

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