Monday, 18 April 2011

crowd control

We know everything. Or…we like to think so.

Even from early childhood we grow, and develop ourselves as individuals, convinced that we are the rulers of this world, the most evolved of the species and, most of all, the only ones able to understand, define and classify every aspect of life.

I sometimes wonder if maybe we, as humans, are nothing more than a simple stage towards divinity, which cannot be anyway achieved with our limited and arrogant thinking. Maybe the world, as we understand it, is in fact divided in some sort of layers, from the bottom of the ocean to the sky above, as a ladder that any living species attempts to climb to reach the absolute. I’d say it is actually not only arrogant but selfish as well, to assume that if there’s a heaven, humans should retained it only for them; therefore I prefer to include every living species in this struggle to reach the most craved place where God dwells.

But for a celestial viewer, looking down through all these undistinguishable layers, in which our world is divided, we are nothing else but undefined dots drawing on the ground an infinite amount of invariable patterns, representing our everyday existence, in desperate need to certify our existence.

We occasionally acknowledge, but mostly deny, the fact that our egotist existence got us blinded and our dictatorship towards all other species got us, over the generations, thinking that we are to decide who rules and who’s to obey. We somehow forgot that, there is no need for a superior species because, such thing doesn’t even exist and we tend to live our life ignoring the others. However, this theory is proven wrong by a simple observation: we ignore not only other species but other human beings as well. I guess it is why we shouldn’t even try to understand, define or classify anything because it is definitely impossible to do. Perhaps we, as a species, are actually not that evolved as we like to believe.

p.s. once… a fellow photographer advised me to change the title of the photographs/series from “crowd control” to “crowd management”, the second version being linguistically more accurate, he said.  However, I prefer the original title for a simple reason: I have never considered myself to be a leader but merely an observer of the world around me; at least when it comes to “odyssey” project. So…

crowd control #1

crowd control #2

crowd control #3

crowd control #4

crowd control #5

crowd control, Venice 2007

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