Monday, 14 March 2011

according to my iTunes library…

Spring is here? Well…there is no need for it as long as the music is still playing…

1. King of limbs by Radiohead, 2011 - obviously
2. Uberlin by REM from Colapse into now, 2011
3. Memories by Neotropic from La prochaine fois, 2001
4. Veronika by Tricky from Knowle west boy 2008
5. I woke up by Nicolette from DJ Kicks, 1997
6. Mucho tequila by Ursula 1000 from Kinda kinky, 2002
7. A plus tard by Animal on wheels from Nuvol i cadira, 1999
8. Flim (Aphex Twin cover) by The bad plus from These are the vistas, 2003
9. Bunica-mi spune by Tudor Gheorghe from Diligenta cu papusi, 2004
10. Gymnopedie no 1 by Angela Brownridge from Erik Satie - Jack In The Box And Other Piano Favourites, 1985

Even if you try to escape, the sun will eventually rise…

spring run, Milan 2009

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