Thursday, 10 February 2011

untitled/sibiu 2006

The year was 2006. I was in Sibiu for the first time and while rambling around with my camera, I noticed this old man, apparently lost in the crowd. But somehow he stood in front of it, maybe because of his authenticity. He seemed at peace with himself but I kind of got this felling that he was in search of something. In search maybe of all things past, of his obliterated youth while all memories shuffling at a staggering rate before his eyes. This may very well be…

But the photo made me ponder the idea that perhaps it is in those moments, of greatest despair, that you find the strength and determination to carry on. It is in those moments of apparent calm, when all bleak feelings are just flushed away by some kind of generous divine intervention that helps you see a clearer sky above.

A few months later I was back in Sibiu and saw the same void trapped into this old body, calmly walking the streets of the city. Took some other photos and then decided to approach him with a casual conversation. I regret only this now...that I was too confused at the time, or maybe too emotional who knows, to ask him his name…

untitled, Sibiu 2006

seems like a thousand years since last summer...

As a cigarette does, any relationship comes to an end. Short rounds of burning passion, floating suddenly away just like cigarette smoke. It all happens while peacefully surrounded by a restful calm...quite like by the seaside on an April day!

Orice relatie se consuma precum o tigara. Scurte reprize de pasiune arzatoare, ce se pierd apoi in vazduh ca fumul de tigara. Totul intr-o liniste si un calm odihnitor…ca pe malul marii in luna lui april!

seems like a thousand years since last summer, Constanta 2005

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

untitled story/photo

Occasionally, a photograph speaks about not only the past, the time sequence when it was taken, but the future as well. This is that kind of a photo.

Taken years ago, it is an image that for me has so many stories to tell.

The past, present and future are gently blended together within the image. From far left to near present, you can find sculptures of most important leaders of a certain restless country. Some sort of a transition, between the long forgotten past and the unpredictable present, is made by Marcus Ulpius Nerva Traianus (second sculpture from right to left), a roman emperor that had something to do, at one particular moment in history, with the future of that specific restless country. You can easily distinguish the present’s place in line. Unaware of the truths of his own era, he is nothing but an incognizant appearance with a bold sparkle in the eyes, staring straight into the eyes of the future. Armed with nothing but this one desire, to win the future by declining the past, he is ready for the same battles as his predecessors. Some kind of an evolution, I guess…

For me though, this image has also a different significance, for this is the photo remembered in my statement as the one responsible not only for my first and only photo contest prize (one day, I’ll elaborate some more), but also for setting the course of my life towards professional photography. 

This is why this photo speaks of both the past and future…

untitled, Constanta 2004