Thursday, 20 January 2011


10 am / 10.10.2009

Another photo session for Future Models was scheduled ‘bout then. And so … I met Mike. He came to Milan, from Switzerland, to expand his career and I was in the mood for DOF!

Unfortunately, since no stylist was present for the session, I had to… kinda ignore agency’s request for more “head to toe” shots, and I have chosen a different approach, one that would have allowed me to play some more with fixed focal length. And I had!

Few hours later, the shooting was concluded and I was happy with the result. Some of the images found their place into my portfolio, images that I consider to be among my best ones so far. The agency added some images to model’s book and I’d say Mike was pleased as well…

Just so you know… he went on to become “mister Zurich” afterwards. Congrats dude!

Enough said already! Here are some of the pics from that session…

m.l. #1
m.l. #2

m.l. #3

m.l. #4

m.l. #5

m.l. #6
m.l. #7

m.l. #8

Mike Leuenberger for Future Models, Milan 2009

p.s. did you know that they make some kind of a cheese soup over there in Switzerland? I have got to try it next time I’m there…

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