Friday, 14 January 2011

according to my iTunes library...

Way past the gloomy grey winter sky, there is still sunshine…

1. Myxomatosis (judge, jury and executioner) by Radiohead from Hail to the thief, 2003
2. Landmines by St Vincent from Marry me, 2007
3. This is how I feel by Finley Quaye from Much more than much love, 2003
4. Drifting along by Jamiroquai from Traveling without moving 1996
5. Perfect world by Talking heads from Little creatures, 1985
6. Heartbeats by The Knife from Deep cuts, 2003
7. Architect by Dub pistols from Six millions way to live, 2005
8. Eastern glow by The Album leaf from In a safe place, 2004
9. Pinta, Nina, Santa Maria (into eternity) by Vangelis from 1492 - Conquest of paradise, 1992
10. J’ai dormi sous l’eau by Air from Premiers symptomes, 1999

...and I can’t wait to get there…

gloomy landscape, Somova 2004

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