Wednesday, 26 January 2011

studio myrrh...

The first studio shooting of 2011…

This was mostly just for fun. But it was also a test for the brand new 50mm f1,4 USM lens, therefore almost all images were taken with those lens.

And with this session I realized that cleaning the dust off the studio equipment and arranging everything in its place, really gets me in the mood for a shooting. Moving pieces of furniture that were getting in the way, charging batteries, cleaning the lenses, wires…so many wires, finding the music that will best suit the session…and it didn’t took me that long either to get everything ready. But where does the inspiration comes from? Well…perhaps I’ll find an answer some other time, because in the meantime, Myrrh is ready and waiting for that inspiration of mine to kick in...

Model: Myrrh

Styling and make-up: well…again Myrrh :)

Photographer: who else but me…

myrrh for fun, Milan 2011

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


This is not about the resinous dried sap of those trees growing natively in Somalia and Ethiopia, nor is about the religious significance of an orthodox custom, but is about that rare ingredient of costly ancient incenses.

Myrrh is a scent that flows out from the image itself…

myrrh, Verona 2010

Thursday, 20 January 2011


10 am / 10.10.2009

Another photo session for Future Models was scheduled ‘bout then. And so … I met Mike. He came to Milan, from Switzerland, to expand his career and I was in the mood for DOF!

Unfortunately, since no stylist was present for the session, I had to… kinda ignore agency’s request for more “head to toe” shots, and I have chosen a different approach, one that would have allowed me to play some more with fixed focal length. And I had!

Few hours later, the shooting was concluded and I was happy with the result. Some of the images found their place into my portfolio, images that I consider to be among my best ones so far. The agency added some images to model’s book and I’d say Mike was pleased as well…

Just so you know… he went on to become “mister Zurich” afterwards. Congrats dude!

Enough said already! Here are some of the pics from that session…

m.l. #1
m.l. #2

m.l. #3

m.l. #4

m.l. #5

m.l. #6
m.l. #7

m.l. #8

Mike Leuenberger for Future Models, Milan 2009

p.s. did you know that they make some kind of a cheese soup over there in Switzerland? I have got to try it next time I’m there…

Friday, 14 January 2011

according to my iTunes library...

Way past the gloomy grey winter sky, there is still sunshine…

1. Myxomatosis (judge, jury and executioner) by Radiohead from Hail to the thief, 2003
2. Landmines by St Vincent from Marry me, 2007
3. This is how I feel by Finley Quaye from Much more than much love, 2003
4. Drifting along by Jamiroquai from Traveling without moving 1996
5. Perfect world by Talking heads from Little creatures, 1985
6. Heartbeats by The Knife from Deep cuts, 2003
7. Architect by Dub pistols from Six millions way to live, 2005
8. Eastern glow by The Album leaf from In a safe place, 2004
9. Pinta, Nina, Santa Maria (into eternity) by Vangelis from 1492 - Conquest of paradise, 1992
10. J’ai dormi sous l’eau by Air from Premiers symptomes, 1999

...and I can’t wait to get there…

gloomy landscape, Somova 2004

Monday, 3 January 2011


Looking back at an apparently fucked up 2010, there are few things popping into my head as, let’s say, highlights of the recently ended year. All those worth being mentioned things are listed below, not in chronological or relevance order, but just as I remember them…

- Moderat’s self entitled album, one of the best things in electronic music in years…

- The breathtaking experience at McDonald’s in Nice - I won't add anything further right now, but this was literally breathtaking…yuck!

- Blog launched in July

- First exhibition – 21 photos exhibited at Cafepedia Bucharest, from 16 of august till 5th of September

- Listening to Vasco Rossi ruining Radiohead’s Creep...

- Answering to an iPhone owner at a surprising question…”what the fuck is Apple?” (made not in an ironic manner)

- Article ‘bout Italy for Absolutely Fabulous magazine (first issue)

- Murr and his vision on literature, love and living well (E.T.A. Hoffman)

- Since my 50mm f1,8 II got broken, 2 weeks after the warranty expired, it got replaced with a 50mm f1,4 USM… Thank you Santa! I have been good this year too, I guess :) because you’ve been so kind lately…  

After all…it wasn’t such a bad year. Nevertheless, let us hope for a better 2011!

Cheers everyone!

that's me in 2010