Monday, 28 November 2011


Memoriile unui ludion pornesc de aici / the memoirs of a Cartesian diver start from here


Jamais by Clyfford Still, 1944

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Steve taking over Milan...

Much like I did few years back, he arrived here with his heart filled with dreams and a buoyant desire to succeed.

As Nicole so eloquently put it, this session was about “the face” - the new face in Milan. So…we plunged into an inspirational utopia, with no heteroclite intentions, scraping for improvement only. Such endeavor was not neglected by deities governing our séance, through dimmed autumn light, and images instantly rose as an exoteric result, adding an ineluctable significance to our showdown.

Few hours later, when all was over, thoughts gathered all together, like falling leafs into a dampish corner on a windy day, pushed by an emotional stream to be analyzed in search of a conclusion, for these photographs are of no trivial effect.

But perhaps, this time, a narrative composition turns worthless for this session, by its own volition, depicted the main personage in such a conspicuous manner, making us but nystagmic spectators as Steve is taking over Milan…

model: Steve Van Ravesteijn
agency: IndependentMen
stylist: Nicole Krunić
photographer: Constantin

steve #1

steve #2

steve #3

steve #4

steve #5

steve #6

Steve Van Ravesteijn for IndependentMen, Milan 2011

Thursday, 27 October 2011

cristina again...

With a different, sparkling attitude this time...

model: Cristina Dima
agency: IceModels
stylist / make-up: Nicole Krunić
photographer: Constantin...again!

cristina #6

Not to conclude, but actually to sustain this session, in an enticing manner…

Cristina Dima for IceModels, Milan 2011


As autumn falls with such delight, I can only contemplate the future while reconstructing the past, from pieces flying through thin air, foretelling both merriment and despair…

1. Oh No by Andrew Bird from Noble Beast 2009
2. Guaranteed by Eddie Vedder from Into The Wild 2007
3. The Afterlife by Paul Simon from So Beautiful Or So What 2011
4. The Spirit Was Gone by Antony And The Johnsons from Swanlights 2010
5. Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us by Fink from Perfect Darkness 2011
6. Some Are by David Bowie from Low 1977
7. Some Devil by Dave Matthews from Some Devil 2003
8. Baby’s Arms by Kurt Vile from Smoke Ring For My Halo 2011
9. Motorcade by Beck from The Information 2006
10. Separator (Anstam RMX) by Radiohead from TKOL RMX7 2011

And how lovely everything sounds…

untitled/unseen landscape, Puiesti de Sus 2011

Monday, 24 October 2011

cristina & the autumnal illumination...

On a crisp autumn day, I found myself starring at this reddish ever-changing season, in search of a delicate manner to obnubilate the Allhallows hazy atmosphere. Inspiration was needed.

Suddenly, while scratching my beard for it, Cristina arrived.

And not only that she brought grace to my rude plan, but actually provided the inspiration one needs to beautify its bleak thoughts on such wondrous surroundings. This time, deeply submerged in the forgotten one hell of a studio, away from hostile chilly breezes and glowing dusty vortices, I started looking through my viewfinder for a reason why my abstruse attitude seemed mostly wrong, every time an instant got illuminated by a fired flash. Images soon started to rise from our short encounter. 

The photos came, with an obvious answer for my inner disagreement, as beauty is to be found in every season… Consequently my tenuous plot failed, for such devilish intention - to obscure a remarkable autumnal texture gently contoured by mesmerizing light, colors and aromas - cannot defend itself against the inevitable.

Surrender turned into this sessions’ brisance, luring me from decay to mellifluous visual impromptu…

model: Cristina Dima
agency: IceModels
stylist / make-up: Nicole Krunić
photographer: Constantin

cristina #1

cristina #2

cristina #3

cristina #4

cristina #5

Cristina Dima for IceModels, Milan 2011

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


It seems holiday ended with a smile, leaving nothing behind but traces of an enthralling sunshine, confined in few images - images archived in a secret drawer away from curious intruders, as autumn swaggeringly approaches.

Between every summery experience - which left me even more astonished as it occurred, for memories of what I once knew, engaged in a buoyant dispute with newer information, every sense eagerly received from an bursting outside, to lie unexplored boundaries on the horizon - sprawled an endless road that is to be used as a giant leap from one custom to another. 

From busiest cities glorified by their hip activities only, constantly searching to obscure the feeblest confines with their current trend, to idlest landscapes that obstinately refused to evolve in time for is the only way to still revere a seductive sun falling into gloaming, the only things that made sense were the moderate waves, that actually defined the summer with their calming effect and the occasional authority presence that will surely ruin your meditative daydreaming with no remorse.

And it took a lot of patience, along with some 4 – 5 hours by boat, to elegantly remove any resemblance of the real world by immersing deep into remote wilderness in search of challenging peculiar occurrence. This had to be what I needed even for such a short period of time…

A haunting place like such, defined by its intimidating agedness and proportions that barely evolved during our lifetime despite its constant growing, will inevitably mesmerize any daring traveler with dissimilar august sceneries, thrived around every gently bended direction, which will simultaneously form an only path to follow towards perpetual gratitude and admiration.

Truly…a place to be and not to photograph.








It seems this vernal effusion ineluctably refreshed an immemorial event…and it had something to do with a story from the 5th‘s grade literature manual, depicting the hidden paradise of this unique region - Letea forest, for which I got a wry “insufficient” back then… A (now) funny and haunting experience!

P.S. did this adventure provide a conclusion? Yeah…never leave home for a nature exploration with nothing but a 50mm lens…

Cornucopia, The Danube Delta 2011 

Monday, 1 August 2011


Diluted into a callous sea, much like any emotion ever tossed into the world in search of an echo from a distant resolution, this tale will find its ending on this abiding shore. As echoes fail to arrive, to comfort any anxiety, silence turns in nothing else but proof that such desolation does exists.

And so, while an acrid breeze sways the innocence of a xanthous landscape, where any person may find itself pinned at one point in time, staring in the distance for answers, any useless choler one ever experienced changes from a vague doubt into a certainty, which will never leave a once valiant mind.

This struggle, between a sly oppressive world and one’s naïve desire to overcome any emotional riddle, begins and instantly ends; a glistening moment that seems infinite in time and space…

As sure as beauty possesses the surroundings, silence seizes everything. Here, a ponderer unveils, to his own astonishment, the last act of a story never to be heard, for the only observer of his struggle, a murky atmosphere, has obscuring the horizon as its only Mephistophelean ambition.

Everything is yet to be concluded…


silence again

silence still

Could be that this constant endeavor gives us strength to believe the future will be ours? Or could be that we morbidly deny our bounded existence, afraid of the unknown, hoping to at least save our souls through one silently yelled story, stating that one did existed here…

Silence, Constanta 2004

Sunday, 24 July 2011

how to clear a heavy sky...

When all you got is your youth, submersed in an ever-more graceless daily routine, you can only live your daring dreams to rise from a prosaic existence and touch the charming sky above.

And this was one of those days when it seems any reason to deny such beauty even exists is unavailing. Yet, instead of a rush for arguments, I stood still, allure-absorbed as they passed my viewfinder, and allow them teach me how to fight an intrusive majestic firmament, which perhaps we all feel burdening on feeble shoulders.

As time elapsed, from our first handshake till we agreed to defy a crepuscular sky which stubbornly demanded its rights, emotional comfort took its place into this experience, while all influenced by a disarming display of youth, beauty and freedom as only weapons against all deleterious feelings. The captured images were our closed fist courageously raised toward the clouds, to erase that stygian hue in a raging manner… 

The heavy sky soon bursts as such eloquence is impossible to deny; its ensued weeping was nothing but a frailty utterance that beauty not only surrounds us but it conquers all.

What an empyrean conclusion for such a coercive day…

models: Greta Raudonyte / IceModels agency
                    Braeden Wright / IndependentMen agency
stylists: Martina Ciceri for her
                    Federico Allavelli for him
make-up: Camilla Paolino 
photographer: Constantin

how to clear a heavy sky #1

how to clear a heavy sky #2

how to clear a heavy sky #3

how to clear a heavy sky #4

Greta Raudonyte & Braeden Tyler Wright, Milan 2011

Sunday, 10 July 2011

painting in b/w...

Everything shuffles overwhelmingly…

At this terrific speed it seems houses, trees, empty roads or anything else for that matter, lose their edges to dissolve, much like any feeling does, into my own anxieties. While my right hand reaches out and, by touching the slashed void ahead, rearranges the undefined shapes drew on the windshield, you merely looked at me as my other one thrusts down to your inner thigh for inspiration…

Lost in a vicissitudinous plight, my troubled mind formulates a reason to obnubilate all colors from the scene. A reason that may seem foolish to you resonates in the form of a question in my head. Muted by my usual outlandish inability to simply ask this question I am desperately trying to articulate it, here, in my raw painting, for you to refute: if I want to sink…why am I still hanging on the surface?

Your still lips offer no resolution and, once more, silence crawls between us…

painting in b/w, somewhere 2007

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Justyna in b/w

The only black and white photo from the shooting is actually a variation of the original image. Just because she/it looks so great in b/w or, if you want, not to completely deviate from the recognized style…

#4 b/w

Justyna Waluchowska for IceModels, Milan 2011 

just in a mood for cyan feelings...

As the sun crossed the sky into a cloudless sunset, we mulishly took advantage of this new scenery revealed by the late afternoon hue, adding few more images to what we already had…

With the colors gently blending, in different proportions than hours earlier, we were witnesses to an eldritch dispute. Chromatics soon shifted as the night persistently demanded its rights, as always does, when the day withdraws from our fatigued sight.

Through my viewfinder the conflicting situation gave birth to an eerie appearance, fighting in a cyan sea to save the day…a few more images before we could conclude our session…

And later, I felt these images are to set a new approach for my future sessions. In a way, I can clearly see now that going back to basics is not necessarily a step backwards but a way to fashionably awake my own idiomatic vision.

model: Justyna Waluchowska
agency: IceModel
stylist/make-up: Nicole Krunić
photographer: Constantin 




Justyna Waluchowska for IceModels, Milan 2011

Monday, 4 July 2011

Just in a mood for sunny colors…

Yet another session…

This time the “one hell of a studio” moved outdoors, not just to enjoy the shiniest day till now, but to meet polish Justyna also.  

Letting her dive into the colors was somehow new to me, sort of a change from the usual black and white approach, but it felt reasonable with the guiding sun above. Walking on raw ground instead of unfolded studio background, we waited for the inspiration to kick in and I, for one, had just one idea rambling in my head - to use natural surroundings as background for what I was doing in the studio anyway…

And we waited… and waited… and soon, without even noticing, we started move around in search of the ideal atmosphere, from the greenest leafs or sunny yellow to fiercely shaped concrete walls…

Perhaps it would have been a good idea to actually stay put. Who knows? But the images soon accrued and so we moved towards new scenery…

model: Justyna Waluchowska
agency: IceModels
stylist/make-up: Nicole Krunić
photographer: who else?




Justyna Waluchowska for IceModels, Milan 2011

Thursday, 23 June 2011

orange scented myrrh...

For days I wandered in search of something different, something to arouse my senses. And I felt quite like a mad scientist when the thought crossed my troubled mind...

I closed my eyes and started to contemplate on what it will be like to…immerse the ancient myrrh aroma, with its deep mythological meaning, into the freshness of the almost 5000 years old orange redolence. It happened naturally, with no effort whatsoever, and I can only thank Kurt for providing the "smoke ring for my halo" as inspiration…

Later on, I found myself smugly smiling while glorifying the delirious result of my experiment…



orange scented myrrh, Bologna 2011

If somehow my experiment could materialize in a stated thought, it would rich out to the world and loudly declare:

“Viata este un dar si trebuie traita. Si este atat de scurta, sau poate doar pare, incat in fiecare zi simt ca pot face mai mult. Chiar si asa, nu as simti ca traiesc daca zi de zi nu as darui, daca nu as iubi, daca nu m-as bucura de tot ce ma inconjoara...
Iar daca fiecare clipa ar fi un zambet, as imbratisa-o cu aceeasi caldura cu care o raza de soare imbratiseaza ramurile fragede ale celui mai frumos arbore...”

Monday, 13 June 2011


It seems these days are quite electric…

1. Bradley’s Beat / Part One by Brad Strider from Bradley’s Beat 1996
2. Window Licker x-rated by Aphex Twin from Run Jeremy’s Window Licker 2004
3. Excelsis by Decal from Ultramack 004 1994
4. Classified by The Orb from Metallic Spheres 2010
5. King Of Clubs by Apparat from Modeselektion vol 1 2010
6. In Loving Memory by Modeselektor from Hello Mom! 2005
7. The Madness Of Moths by Vincent Markowski from The Madness Of Moths EP 2006
8. Laughing Quarter by Autechre from Envane 1997
9. It’s Gonna Be Alright (Biosphere's Angulaq Remix) by Mind Over Midi from The Biosphere Remixes 1999
10. Wonderland by Drome from The Final Corporate Colonization Of The Unconscious 1994

And while basking in a warm electrifying atmosphere, all is what I want when none is what I need…

meddling blue sky, Tulcea 2005

Monday, 18 April 2011

crowd control

We know everything. Or…we like to think so.

Even from early childhood we grow, and develop ourselves as individuals, convinced that we are the rulers of this world, the most evolved of the species and, most of all, the only ones able to understand, define and classify every aspect of life.

I sometimes wonder if maybe we, as humans, are nothing more than a simple stage towards divinity, which cannot be anyway achieved with our limited and arrogant thinking. Maybe the world, as we understand it, is in fact divided in some sort of layers, from the bottom of the ocean to the sky above, as a ladder that any living species attempts to climb to reach the absolute. I’d say it is actually not only arrogant but selfish as well, to assume that if there’s a heaven, humans should retained it only for them; therefore I prefer to include every living species in this struggle to reach the most craved place where God dwells.

But for a celestial viewer, looking down through all these undistinguishable layers, in which our world is divided, we are nothing else but undefined dots drawing on the ground an infinite amount of invariable patterns, representing our everyday existence, in desperate need to certify our existence.

We occasionally acknowledge, but mostly deny, the fact that our egotist existence got us blinded and our dictatorship towards all other species got us, over the generations, thinking that we are to decide who rules and who’s to obey. We somehow forgot that, there is no need for a superior species because, such thing doesn’t even exist and we tend to live our life ignoring the others. However, this theory is proven wrong by a simple observation: we ignore not only other species but other human beings as well. I guess it is why we shouldn’t even try to understand, define or classify anything because it is definitely impossible to do. Perhaps we, as a species, are actually not that evolved as we like to believe.

p.s. once… a fellow photographer advised me to change the title of the photographs/series from “crowd control” to “crowd management”, the second version being linguistically more accurate, he said.  However, I prefer the original title for a simple reason: I have never considered myself to be a leader but merely an observer of the world around me; at least when it comes to “odyssey” project. So…

crowd control #1

crowd control #2

crowd control #3

crowd control #4

crowd control #5

crowd control, Venice 2007

Sunday, 3 April 2011

intimate flinders of Andreea...

It was spring I guess. Or at least she brought it by allowing me to approach her in such manner.

And while few words were spoken I was, by taking advantage of one of those moments in which the camera breaks any boundary granting your senses to take control of how will you capture what is in front of your eyes, aiming to seize, in few images, this interstellar happening of which I was previously unaware.

As any burst does, this one lasted fractions as well (a medium of 0.40 sec / shot) but with long lasting repercussions – the photographs, as evidence that at times, clashes between dissimilar stars can give birth to captivating images, shaped by lights, shadows and uncertain rapidly fading colors, meant to enlight  such an unstable season as spring can be.

Now, I wonder why is it that such bursts, that will definitely clear the sky above giving room to a gigantic mesmerizing sun, can’t occur more often so one could experience the excitement of spring arrival more than once a year. Or perhaps they do, but are well kept aside, like some ancient secret, for those able to unlock the key to such blissfulness…

andreea #1

andreea #2

andreea #3

andreea #4

andreea #5

Andreea, Milan 2010

Monday, 14 March 2011

according to my iTunes library…

Spring is here? Well…there is no need for it as long as the music is still playing…

1. King of limbs by Radiohead, 2011 - obviously
2. Uberlin by REM from Colapse into now, 2011
3. Memories by Neotropic from La prochaine fois, 2001
4. Veronika by Tricky from Knowle west boy 2008
5. I woke up by Nicolette from DJ Kicks, 1997
6. Mucho tequila by Ursula 1000 from Kinda kinky, 2002
7. A plus tard by Animal on wheels from Nuvol i cadira, 1999
8. Flim (Aphex Twin cover) by The bad plus from These are the vistas, 2003
9. Bunica-mi spune by Tudor Gheorghe from Diligenta cu papusi, 2004
10. Gymnopedie no 1 by Angela Brownridge from Erik Satie - Jack In The Box And Other Piano Favourites, 1985

Even if you try to escape, the sun will eventually rise…

spring run, Milan 2009