Wednesday, 8 December 2010

ona I

And then Ona came…

Arriving in Milan from Vilnius where she is represented by Major Ambers agency, she needed few photos to be added to her book and I was the designated photographer for an early Saturday shooting.

This time, I had a crew ready to work with me. Valentina Marzona was in charge with hair and make-up while styling was provided by Elena Silvia Bara.

By Friday night everything in the studio was set. And then…I received an e-mail from the Ona’s agency in Milan to postpone the shooting for 2 pm. And that was no good news since I had no idea if the crew, I managed to gather, will be able to adjust to a changed schedule. Fortunately the girls had left me worried for just a couple of hours before confirming that the change was no problem for them.

So, we got to work…

Now, looking back… I do not consider this particular session to be a complete success but it was an interesting experience. We came up with some great photos and it was really great working with a team but there was something missing…maybe the right alignment of the stars, I’ll never know…

Anyways…here she is!

model: Ona Marija Auskelyte
agency: Future Models Milan
make-up: Valentina Marzona
styling: Elena Silvia Bara
photographer: yours truly

ona #1

ona #2

ona 3#

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