Thursday, 9 December 2010

is there life in space?

I guess most people ask this question while looking at the stars on a cloudless night. Most of the times the answer fails to bounce back from the idle sky. 
And there are 2 definitions describing the stars above, 2 that I prefer…

It was probably Justin Zackham who wrote that the stars are actually cracks into the floor of paradise. Quite beautifully said but I am not a religious person (perhaps I’ll elaborate some other time) so I don’t know how this is going to be an answer to the question…

The other definition, by John Fowles, says that the stars are indecipherable thoughts from other distant worlds. And this is, by far, closer to an answer for me than the previous definition. But I can still found flaws even here because these so called distant worlds are just so damn far away. Even if we had the technology required for travelling millions of light years, by the time we get there we are already dead so we won’t be able to meet, communicate or relate to other forms of life… 

And then…when a cloudless night conquered all surroundings, as bright light was falling from the stars carpeting the ground, I found myself tormented by these thoughts. And I can’t recall if it was because of the mesmerizing moon or the cigarette in my hand that I came up with my own answer. But I know, for sure, that I saw myself up there, wondering among the stars in a clear moment of immaculate honesty. And while the body was pinned into reality, fantasy took my soul on an edifying journey through the boundless sky.

It was a miracle stretching out to each and every star and pick up an answer for every existential question that astonished human kind over the time. It was all there… It was all there to be forgotten, for I found the answer to my question by discovering that every star is actually a lost soul, on the same journey that I was. I was soon to realize that we were all up there numbly floating in a desperate search of our soul mate. We don’t care that much about the meaning of life or the existence of divinity. We care about our inner peace that only our loved one can bring. At the end of it, love is the answer.

And while caged into real life, we look up through the bars in front of us, to find love. And the thought, that one day we’ll find our soul mate, gives us strength to fight our everyday problems.

So, yeah…I guess there is life in space. We are all up there in search of it. And it is because of the immensity of space that it’s so hard to find your soul mate. But sometimes… a shooting star fills your heart with joy and hope. By seeing it, you know that someone found true love and is no longer wondering through space, but gets to finally live…

is there life in space? Puiestii de Sus, 2007

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