Saturday, 6 November 2010

poignée de main...

Ever noticed how little it is needed to have a great time?

Take these ingredients for instance: one A710 camera, a bunch of guys playing and a lot of fun!

What you need, first of all, is to let go… Forget about all your worries, your boss or some useless deadline, financial or social status, insurance bill or the meter of your parking space, forget all about it! This is about having fun!

These guys will show you how to do it.

Found them right in the center of the city, close to one of Milan’s main attractions. And since my legs are not designed for playing football, I borrowed a photo camera from a friend of mine and joined the game. However, after the second ball that passed right close to my head I decided it was safer to stay aside. They had no intention to harm me, I am sure :)

poignée de main, Milan 2007

And I wonder… What if life was like a game? Who made it so serious anyway?

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