Saturday, 20 November 2010

hail to the max...

It was early September when a second shooting for Future Models was organized. 

I was full of ideas and he was a new face from Germany.

We instantly had a great connection and while heading back to my improvised studio, we discussed on various subjects. The thing that I enjoy the most when socializing with people from different countries is to talk about the first words I heard in his/her language and different habits of people from that particular country. Come to think of it, the first word I have ever heard and learned in german, was “ja”. Nothing out of the ordinary, I guess. But there is a funny story behind all this, a story that won’t be revealed just now. He knows it though :)

As it happens, he is the first foreigner I’ve met, which here means not Romanian, who was curious enough to ask few things about Romanian culture. Responding to his questions was quite a challenge…probably because after 50 years of communism and 20 years of chaos there is little left to be said.

Anyhow…back to the shooting...

For me this shooting was sort of a turning point as it became an experiment with light and darkish background. And since I was thrilled with the session’s outcome, this idea is to evolve into a trademark for future shootings. On the other hand, the agency didn’t go crazy for this and, as a result, they’ve chosen just a couple of images to be used for his book. I didn’t mind. I was happy. So was Maximilian. And that is of most importance.

There is one more thing to say now: hail to the max!

P.S. The second word I’ve learned in german, by the way, was “apotheker”…

hail to the max, Milan 2009

hail to the max, Milan 2009

hail to the max, Milan 2009

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