Wednesday, 13 October 2010

let's go free...

It was 14 of September. A day that started just like any other. But it wasn’t.  

Born in Burkina Faso, Abba was living in Milan with his family. He was 19 years old on that fatidic day, when, outside a bar, he was beaten to death by the two bartenders, allegedly for stealing a pack of biscuits. While blinded by an unjustified rage against the young boy, words, like “fuckin’ nigga”, where flying out of their mouths as a clear statement of what was actually all about.

That day ended tragically. Not for Abba who was killed, but for the entire community.

Few days after this, demonstrations of the African community started on the streets of the city. With little support from the authorities, to this day, they struggle to keep alive the memory of Abba, to raise awareness among Italians by fighting racism and xenophobia.

But it was Pietro Massarotto, president of NAGA (asylum, refugees and torture victims’ center) who said: “L'Italia è leader nel settore della repressione degli stranieri. Siamo molto creativi”. And this makes you think if anything even changed…

In case you wonder…the two bartenders serve a 15 years and 4 months sentence.

let's go free, Milan 2008

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