Monday, 11 October 2010

a disobedient one...

In a repellent world, a disobedient one allows himself to dream past the straight lines of a shallow society… Beyond the compulsory rules, there is no need for anything else but the truth. And here, the truth comes from within a person. Lies, once covering our deepest feeling like useless masks to create an image, change their status from success guarantees to frivolous behavior. What exactly have we become?

What the world lacks today is sincerity. Our childish innocence is altered on the way to maturity. By whom or to what purpose is still an enigma, but finding out that you’ll be left behind or outside a so called developed society, scares the shit out of you and forces you to accept a change that, not only you did not wanted, but most of the times you can’t actually say it happened.

So, here we are…full grownups who forgotten to smile or to dream of what we once desired, delivering to the world our own pitiful lies that helps us carry on and ruins any hope of self salvation.

One could wonder…

Could be that a disobedient one is actually incapable of growing up? Could be that he remains a child, with his heart filled with all those ‘childish dreams’ and a mind that fails to understand the significance of adulthood?

Could be I say.

But I am lucky to be that disobedient child, trapped inside a grownup body… and I laugh at your mature problems for I am allowed to dream!

Josephine and her blue dreams, Varese 2008

 She speaks for me here…

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