Wednesday, 13 October 2010

let's go free...

It was 14 of September. A day that started just like any other. But it wasn’t.  

Born in Burkina Faso, Abba was living in Milan with his family. He was 19 years old on that fatidic day, when, outside a bar, he was beaten to death by the two bartenders, allegedly for stealing a pack of biscuits. While blinded by an unjustified rage against the young boy, words, like “fuckin’ nigga”, where flying out of their mouths as a clear statement of what was actually all about.

That day ended tragically. Not for Abba who was killed, but for the entire community.

Few days after this, demonstrations of the African community started on the streets of the city. With little support from the authorities, to this day, they struggle to keep alive the memory of Abba, to raise awareness among Italians by fighting racism and xenophobia.

But it was Pietro Massarotto, president of NAGA (asylum, refugees and torture victims’ center) who said: “L'Italia รจ leader nel settore della repressione degli stranieri. Siamo molto creativi”. And this makes you think if anything even changed…

In case you wonder…the two bartenders serve a 15 years and 4 months sentence.

let's go free, Milan 2008

Monday, 11 October 2010

a disobedient one...

In a repellent world, a disobedient one allows himself to dream past the straight lines of a shallow society… Beyond the compulsory rules, there is no need for anything else but the truth. And here, the truth comes from within a person. Lies, once covering our deepest feeling like useless masks to create an image, change their status from success guarantees to frivolous behavior. What exactly have we become?

What the world lacks today is sincerity. Our childish innocence is altered on the way to maturity. By whom or to what purpose is still an enigma, but finding out that you’ll be left behind or outside a so called developed society, scares the shit out of you and forces you to accept a change that, not only you did not wanted, but most of the times you can’t actually say it happened.

So, here we are…full grownups who forgotten to smile or to dream of what we once desired, delivering to the world our own pitiful lies that helps us carry on and ruins any hope of self salvation.

One could wonder…

Could be that a disobedient one is actually incapable of growing up? Could be that he remains a child, with his heart filled with all those ‘childish dreams’ and a mind that fails to understand the significance of adulthood?

Could be I say.

But I am lucky to be that disobedient child, trapped inside a grownup body… and I laugh at your mature problems for I am allowed to dream!

Josephine and her blue dreams, Varese 2008

 She speaks for me here…

Thursday, 7 October 2010

according to my iTunes library...

Daydreaming works better on an autumn day…

1. Oceans by Pearl Jam from MTV Unplugged, 1992
2. Shimmering by Ketil Bjornstad from Samotnosc W Sieci ost, 2006
3. The Last Emperor Theme (variation 1) by Ryuichi Sakamoto from The last emperor, 1987
4. Hidden Track by Craig Armstrong from As If To Nothing, 2002
5. The Only One by The Black Keys from Brothers, 2010
6. Clockwork (Shantel vs Mahala Rai Banda Remix) by Mambayaga Project from Buddha Bar Vol 7, 2005
7. Summer Love (Beyond There Remix) by Billy Wright from Nightmares On Wax - My Definition, 2006
8. O Children by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds from The Lyre Of Orpheus, 2004
9. Hurry Slowly by Nils Petter Molvaer from NP3, 2002
10. Inion (doughter) by Afro Celt Sound System from Volume 1: Sound Magic, 1996

...and a cup of tea as well...

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

5 reasons...

I was once asked: why 5 reasons?

I guess this had nothing to do with the Fifth World or the five elements of the universe, but it can vaguely be explained by Discordianism’s Law of Five, which states that “all things happen in fives, or are divisible by or are multiples of five, or are somehow directly or indirectly appropriate to 5”. And while contemplating the unfurled image divinely laid in front of wandering steps, it all suddenly made sense as I, mesmerized by the gravitating pattern around the noble integer, was ushered by frantically senses, all colliding into instinct, to grasp the fugitive moment.

The concept was just an absorbing instant away…

Erelong, and for no obvious purpose, the surroundings rapidly dissipated into ashen insignificance offering an egotistical reason to seize the scenery as a way to justify my mythological meaningless disturbance of such a serene and intimate moment. With the opportunity defined, and all elements aligned to nourish my idiocy, spiraling into factual reasoning seemed the right deed while arguing my own statement – I was there, in that particular place, on that particular moment, to capture this particular scene…for a reason.

Even so, the impelling reason is still unwilling to reveal itself to me…

Beyond any explanation or given interpretation there is still the photograph itself. And the seized moment will surely state its message through time and transcended understandings.

5 reasons, Milan 2007

Monday, 4 October 2010


wanna meet, Como 2008

wanna joyride, Como 2008


wanna play...

wanna play, Como 2008

wanna play too, Como 2008

wanna look down on me...

wanna look down on me, Como 2008

wanna be...

wanna be, Como 2008

Oana in a unexpected photo session, Como 2008