Wednesday, 29 September 2010

the first shooting session…

This took place on the 4th of July 2009. What a day for a shooting, isn’t it?

Anyway…with no experience whatsoever in a photo session, just my camera, one softbox light bought the day before, no tripod, flashlight or light meter and scared as shit I started this shooting aiming to impress the agency that tested me.

The model, Alexzander, represented by ScoopModels in Copenhagen, was in Milan for the summer. So we met for a few hours on a sunny Saturday morning. After a bottle of Coke and 2 ice creams, we came up with 17 photos that I presented to his agency here in Milan. FutureModels that is.

Even if the photos were slightly ruined by the post-processing, they were pleased with the result and decided to use some of the photos, by rotation, for his book. A couple of images are used by his agency in Denmark - that’s where Copenhagen is :) - as well.

Having said that… I present you… Alexzander!

Alexzander for FutureModels, Milan 2009

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