Tuesday, 31 August 2010

this may very well be the first article about my work...

…as it presents my first exhibition, that is currently taking place at Cafepedia in Bucharest, it is, of course, in romanian. So…for those who didn’t yet learn romanian, let me explain in few words what it says.

Overall, it is an invitation to visit the exhibition and explore the world as I capture it in 21 photographs. The article speaks about the reasons why I left my home country in pursuit of this wild dream of mine…to become a professional photographer…internationally! It's also briefly revealing some of my accomplishments as an artist, like the photos published in the “Il Fotografo” magazine.

This article has been published by many of the romanian magazines and free-time guides, like Viva!, 121, petocuri, mayra, 1801 and others.

Again, for all this, for all the excitement surrounding me these days, I have to thank mostly to Mirunel and Alina who made this dream come true. You guys are amazing!

Having said that…don’t forget you can visit the exhibition until 5th of September! And you can also support my work by buying prints!


Wednesday, 18 August 2010

my first exibition...

I’d like to happily announce my first exhibition which will take place in Bucharest at Cafepedia (Pictor Verona no. 2) from 16 of august till 5th of next month.
Here, in a cozy atmosphere, you’ll discover, through 21 of my photographs, the world as I see it with the help of my photo camera.

I will be delighted if you’ll come by…

Thanks to all those involved into this, especially to Mirunel without whom dreams wouldn’t come true :)