Tuesday, 6 July 2010

a statement or some sort...

The way I see it…life is an amazing experience. Mine started in early 1979 in mid winter. I didn’t mind. It was a good day to start this journey.

As a kid, your natural curiosity helps you discover the world around. And I remember, way back when I was 7 or 8 years old, my first encounter with photography - it sounds so pretentious, but bear with me. It was a way for me, in that particular moment, to capture the beauty that surrounded me, on a mountain trip. I had no camera and yet I was taking pictures, mental pictures, of what I presumed to be worth seeing. That was a great experience.

However…the very first time I ever got to hold a photo camera in my hands was ten years later, soon after graduating from high school. I had no idea what I was doing but I was thrilled to take photos. And I still remember the smile on my face while picking up the photos from the laboratory downtown. For the next years I changed 4 or 5 cheap cameras as they broke down easily. But even if they were made of cheap plastic they never failed to produce excitement with every click…

And then came 2004. Why 2004? Well…it was for the first time when asked about what I would like to do in life I answered “I want to became a professional photographer”. From that moment on I took photography more seriously. I started to read about it, to actively participate on forums and all this took my passion one step further. Realizing that photography is not only a way to capture fun memories but a way to express myself, that burst became my goal.

So I submitted part of my work to a photo contest in 2006. It was a test for me. It was a test to see what professionals thought of my images. I said to myself…if I win the smallest, insignificant prize it means my photos have a message, and I should keep on doing this. Strangely or not, I won a special mention on that year and one of the photos I submitted was used in an Orange advertising campaign later that year. Soon after I bought my first serious photo camera, a canon 30d and things rapidly evolved.

A year after that, I decided to move to Milan to pursue my dream of becoming a professional photographer. Here, my photos appeared on the monthly photo contest organized by the Il Fotografo magazine (december 2007, march 2008 and march 2009) and I recently started collaborating with modeling agencies working to improve models’ books. I am currently looking for representation as my intention is to establish myself as an editorial and advertising photographer.

Today, photography is a way for me to see the world, to express my thoughts and ideas, a way of recording everyday events or, when it comes to fine art, to share with others my artistic view on different subjects but more importantly photography is my legacy.

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