Saturday, 17 July 2010

smog city...

Smog is a very common word nowadays. Especially in a large city. Here we live our lives in this constant foggy atmosphere surrounding us that sometimes you merely distinguish a sunny future.

But here, smog is not an environmental issue but a presence. It is something that inhabitants can actually feel. It represents the tension of inner city life. The smog somehow becomes a governor of the city. Beneath the smog, people, and not only them, are struggling with everyday problems. Decisions, ambitions, success or failure, greed, temptations, desires, dreams or dashing hopes…this is everyone's strife.  

In a modern society people tend to isolate themselves into their own world struggling to find their answers or the right path to follow through life. Beneath the smog we'll find all these different worlds, that ignores each other but coexist by briefly interacting. This interaction is at times involuntary or even unnoticed but it changes our everyday existence, because is this reciprocity that makes life go on…

This project aims to spot those ignored interactions and, even more, to single out short peaceful and hopeful breaks from everyday activities, moments of calm and serenity in contradiction with the tension brought by the evil smog. The stillness situations captured into this project are moments which gives us the strength to carry on, are moments of hostility with a touch of hope, a finality, an answer to a certain tense situation.

In my smog city, everyone's indifference is canceled by our native characteristics. Here, we live for each other. We give hope to one another and our interaction will bring upfront the decency of human kind. By erasing the negative impact that the evil smog and the modern times have on us, by getting in touch with our inborn values, we rediscover ourselves and the sense of what it means to actually be a person. There will be no urge for information or immediate action, no wi-fi networks or mobile devices, no rush hour or discounts and while rudeness is disappearing giving room to politeness we find out what we thought was missing from our life…. Here we won't be slaves of our hi-tech times, because time is the essence of life and realizing that, we come to appreciate simple things in life, things which makes us human. 

   Here, smog city unfolds its secrets for us to explore…

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